Hirasawa's gear and equipment

Hello all

I found out a bit more about some of Hirasawas equipment. There are many known but some not.
One of his newer laptops is a DELL, precisely the red one used in Interactive Live 2009, an XPS in my opinion.
While traveling he uses a Bolbee people delight backpack in silver metallic.
The headset used in Live ICE-9 and P-0 is a Sony MDR-G74SL.
At home he uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch for taking notes while he is working at his computer.
He wore a SEAHOPE LED watch BAR CODE stainless steel silver and white LED's up until this year when he changed it to a black steel one with white LED's.

New Hirasawa book

I just found out on Moderoom.jp that there will be a new book released by Hirasawa.
It will cover live shows and Live Solar ray and focus on computers as Hirasawa doesn't know much about them
(? if I understand the translation right)
It will be relaesed on 9th of April.
The translated text from http://moderoom.fascination.co.jp/modules/release/nfnc.html is:

Did not come near future essays Susumu Hirasawa

Will be released April 9, 2012


Until March 2002 from December 1998, now revived as e-book essay of Susumu Hirasawa was serialized in AMIGA forum of communication (PC) Nifty Serve Without "near future did not come," was the complete recording of times all You.
Susumu Hirasawa is Doshiroto "" zero knowledge about the computer "" completely, but a number of episodes to wrestle with no manual PC AMIGA import mysterious and (Amiga) has become the entertainment read while laughing everyone .
Tan quaint nostalgia of the first half of the center and "Guidance to AMIGA of Susumu Hirasawa". Has become a production report was serialized concurrently with or daring project "Interactive Live" in the second half, such as "HIRASAWA ENERGY WORKS".
In addition, also Heiroku (with photo of 160 points or more) long interview, AMIGA history, model introduction, glossary Susumu Hirasawa spoke about the AMIGA. Generations do not know the AMIGA, we also know a geek at the time, is a book to enjoy together.
Issuing price-Release:

Susumu Hirasawa Author:
Fasshineishon Inc. Publisher: issuance
(Scheduled to start booking March 26) will be April 9, 2012 Release Date:
1,800 yen price: tax

(Included with the Tablet PC and desktop PC) PDF: file format
A5 size: size type
All 370 pages Number of pages:
Sales method

Download sales at the site of Fasshineishon sale
Fascination Shop Http://Shop.Fascination.Co.Jp/
Will be also sold in other publicity, such as for gumroad

This book will be released Fascination is issued and planning.
Chaos in the Union because it does not sell, such as inquiries into Fascination please.
Early purchase bonus

For those who are purchased by the end of April 2012, included a take-out "Eastern Boot" start-up sound Susumu Hirasawa has been produced for the AMIGA OS4.

AMIGA and is a multi-media computer from Commodore was released in 1985. Strongly to video and music, and CG Susumu Hirasawa is a production of PV, has been used, for example, live interactive authoring. AMIGA development of the new generation has continued to the present.
Official Twitter account

The daily tweet phrase the name "did not come near future."

Content "did not come near future" main

[Chapter 1, one locust in the near future;

Grasshopper thing that set the near future, I computer science guru Japan Dennou large residential, I Filipina is scary
Good luck Jin-kun [Chapter 2]

Liar is like a miracle of God to the board and get off of you and then the beginning of the AMIGA 1000 Jin-kun I beg your best
Chapter 3, the presence of [Do not]

AMIGA in Asia tilt angle of the presence of American-made mouse pad please JAZZ dicky-bird pecking the masters should not be
Near future may come [Chapter 4]

Apprenticeship starts last daughter live interactive report preparation?
CG issues might come more near future bullying metal end of the eight were found too
The world's first! Man to be installed during production?
Osaka every day before, the fear of hard disk suspended shaping of eco-car runaway late-night
Chapter 5 - Group I, Take me to the solar system;

I notice the road to Guru Hen Solar AMIGA, Oniisan, I want to know What brought the solar system in the machine Tainaka accessories to commit suicide in my hands What price the Arab

Q & A on the Amiga and Mr. Susumu Hirasawa [Special FAMIGA]
LONG INTERVIEW about AMIGA Susumu Hirasawa
Chronology abbreviation / AMIGA Susumu Hirasawa

Glossary / AMIGA annotation

Live Phonon2555

Hello fellow fans
Chaos Union just announced that there will be a new non interactive live show called Phonon 2555 Vision in June. Watch the Twitter page for more information and of course NoRoom.

The message was:


●会場 ゆうぽうとホール(東京・五反田)
●日程 6月6日(水)、7日(木)、8日(金)
●開場 18:00 開演 19:00
●料金 6300円(税込)全席指定

Green Nerve会員の皆様を対象にした先行予約(抽選制)を実施致します。


Green Nerveでは、チケットご予約の受付方法をいくつか検討して

Live DVD of "Tokyo I-jigen Kudou" is coming!

Live DVD of "Tokyo I-jigen Kudou" is coming!
Enjoy the exciting stage by Susumu Hirasawa and the two guest performers from Thailand.



Tokyo I-jigen Kudou

Susumu Hirasawa


Coming on 30 November





05.Another Day




09.Goes on Ghost

10.Dreaming machine

11.Bandiria Travellers


13.Solid Air


15.Pacific Rim Imitation Network




18.Luuktung or Daai





I was there via Ustream channel...yay!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Haldyn Dome Box set and miscellaneous

Hey there
been dead here for a while. I don't know if you all have noticed but there is a CD box set called
Haldyn Dome containing his original 7 albums with the Berserk Sountracks, and his side projects Global Trotters etc.
So all the CD's we were not able to purchase as they were never released internatinoaly.

On a side note found this website don't know if we already listed it back in that other thread: http://www.geocities.jp/bansyou_m/hirasawa.html

Tokyo I-jigen Kudou

Hirasawa has announced the DVD for his Tokyo I-jigen Kudou Live show for november 30th!

The DVD will feature live performances of his anniversary remixes from his Kangenshugi CDs, and will be a much higher quality version of the live streams we saw before. The performance itself is not unlike phonon 2553.

Rang will be returning, offering a very entertaining and lively counterpart to hirasawa's often stoic and motionless stage presence. If you don't know who Rang is, feel free to look here. 

Also returning will be the tesla coil from phonon 2551 and the extended laser harp from phonon 2553

There are a few songs with Hirasawa exclusively playing acoustic and electric guitar, which is always awesome. 

Very much looking forward to this DVD, the Live streams only seemed to be a tease to me. 

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"Observing Hirasawa for 50,000 Seconds" VIDEO STREAMING EVENT

I posted about this on my journal, but I wanted to make sure people know that Mr. Hirasawa will be hosting a live video stream for his fans starting today! :D

Mr. Hirasawa has recently reached 50,000 followers on Twitter! YAY!

To celebrate reaching 50,000 followers on Twitter, he will be streaming 50,000 seconds of live footage on Ustream. (That's nearly 14 hours of video!) It sounds like he'll break up those 50,000 seconds into smaller chunks lasting a few minutes or maybe even a few hours.

He just announced that the first livestream will be held today (Aug. 5) from 9:00 PM Japan time.

You can view the stream at the Ustream channel called Hirasawa監視5万秒 (aka "Observing Hirasawa for 50,000 Seconds").

The stream will show Mr. Hirasawa at work, but will NOT have any audio.

ETA: This first stream is over, but you can watch the official recording of it here. Highlights include Mr. Hirasawa wearing a necklace and briefly showing us one of his cats. ;)
Hirasawa - Red

New Song - "Genshiryoku"


Just wanted to let everyone know (in case you haven't already noticed) that there's a new Hirasawa song for download! But it's for a limited time!

Until June 29, the song "Genshiryoku" ("Nuclear Power") will be available for free download here (Push the long gray button to download.) This is song is a remake of the P-Model song "Boat," but the lyrics are now a very clear protest against Japan's nuclear power policy. It's very interesting and catchy...

[Update] I've posted a quick translation of the lyrics here!